Dr. Eran J. Rolnik is a psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and historian. He has over 20 years’ experience as therapist, supervisor and university teacher of psychoanalysis. He is also known in Israel for his dogged commitment to sensitizing the general public to the value of transposing psychoanalytic thinking onto daily social and political reality. His articles on these subjects appear in the Haaretz Daily Newspaper.


Dr. Rolnik is an adjunct associate professor in the Faculty of the Humanities and in the Post-Graduate Training Program in Psychotherapy of the Faculty of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University. He is a training-and supervising analyst of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society and the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) and on the faculty of Max Eitingon Institute for Psychoanalysis in Jerusalem. 



"It is a pity that one cannot make a living, for instance, on dream interpretation!"

Freud, 1897

Freud, la psychanalyse et le sionisme : de Vienne à Jérusalem

Dans des essais précédents et dans mon livre Freud à Jérusalem : La psychanalyse face au sionisme (Antilope, 2017), j’ai recherché les conditions mentales et historiques dans lesquelles la pratique de la psychanalyse

In Defense of Shame

It’s possible that the task of liberating humanity from the burden of the superego has succeeded over and above all expectations. Pathologies of a new type – individual, cultural and

With this Ring: Art and Loyalty in the Freudian Circle

Over the course of his lifetime, Freud made gifts of more than twenty rings set with ancient gems bearing images from Greek and Roman mythology. He himself wore, at different