Dr. Rolnik is a training-psychoanalyst of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society (IPA) and board-certified psychiatrist in private practice. He graduated from Justus Liebig University Clinical Medical School in Giessen Germany, and is a licensed physician in Germany and in Israel. Dr. Rolnik also holds a PhD (summa cum laude) in history from Tel-Aviv University.

He is the author/editor/co-editor and contributor of 20 books; 70 peer-reviewed journal papers, essays and book reviews on historical, clinical, conceptual and cultural-critical issues. He translated from German, edited and wrote introductory essays to several volumes of Freud’s essays. His book Freud in Zion: Psychoanalysis and the Making of Modern Jewish Identity (Karnac:London 2012) was nominated for the Gradiva Award for Best Psychoanalytic Book and has been translated into several languages. It is considered by many reviewers a landmark research on the impact that psychoanalysis can have on the development of social, political, and educational institutions.
Dr. Rolnik’s annotated edition of Sigmund Freud letters (Modan Publishers 2019) has been on Israel’s Bestseller’s lists for non-fiction for 5 months.

Dr. Rolnik gave keynote lectures and discussion papers in dozens of international conferences, seminars and clinical workshops. He received research grants, fellowships and prizes from: The International Psychoanalytic Association, Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture, Leipzig; Minerva Stiftung, Muenchen, Jacob Katz Award, Leo Baeck Institute, Jerusalem; David Herzog Stiftung, Graz; Axel Springer Stiftung, Berlin; The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, NYC; Sigmund Freud Stiftung, Frankfurt; The Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Vienna; Neuberger Foundation, Tel-Aviv; Max and Henrietta Bodenheimer foundation, Jerusalem.

Eran Rolnik’s fields of research are: the history of psychoanalysis, the evolution of Freud’s thought, psychoanalytic discourse in Israel, psychoanalysis and critical theory, psychoanalysis and historiography, psychoanalysis and theory of translation, Social and intellectual history of Zionism and Hebrew culture, German-Jewish Intellectual history, Psychoanalytic Dream Theory, Psychoanalytic training.

Dr. Rolnik has published in Hebrew, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech and Greek



The papers and book reviews that are reproduced in this website were published in the following journals:

Psychoanalytic Quarterly
Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association
Jahrbuch der Psychoanalyse
Luzifer-Amor Zeitschrift zur Geschichte der Psychoanalyse
Zeitschrift für Psychoanalytische Theorie und Praxis
Science In Context
Psychoanalysis and History
Sihot-Israel Journal for Psychotherapy
Dapim Studies on the Shoah
Mekarov Literary Quarterly
Bulletin of The Polish Psychoanalytic Society
Haaretz Review of Books
Haaretz Daily Newspapar
Zmanim Historical Quarterly
Tel Aviver Jarbuch für Deutsche Geschichte
Psychodynamic Practice
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
The International Journal of Psychoanalysis
Wissenschaftlicher Literatur Anzeiger
American Psychological Association Review of Books
Leipziger Beiträge zur jüdischen Geschichte und Kultur
Jewish Ideas Daily
The Jerusalem Post
History-Journal of the Israel Historical Society
Maariv Book Review
Eretz Acheret Magazin
Israel-Studies in Zionism and the State of Israel
Medaon-Zeitschrift für jüdische Leben in Forschung und Bildung
Deutsch-jüdischen Internetmagazin
Neue Politische Literatur
Journal für Psychoanalyse

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